Our leagues are sponsored by many of the local bars. This partnership is important because the bars provide and reserve the pool tables and the venue to play. They also cover all the league registration costs for their teams. In return, the league brings them business.

In Cochise County there are two leagues: The Cochise County Pool League (CCPL) and the Bisbee Pool League (BPL). Both leagues are independent of each other and have different rules and format. Pool players living in the Bisbee area generally play in the BPL and players in the Sierra Vista area normally play in the CCPL. However, this isn’t a requirement. Players can play in either league.

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Why join a pool league?

Leagues provide a great opportunity to meet other pool players throughout the Cochise County area. Whether you play for the social enjoyment or you play for the competition, pool leagues are great for every skill level and because our leagues are team leagues there is a lot of camaraderie and friendships. If you enjoy playing pool then you will enjoy playing league.

Are leagues in Cochise County BCA sanctioned?

Currently there are two leagues in Cochise County and both are independent non-sanction leagues, however, joining a nationally sanctioned league (BCA, APA, VNEA) is a possibility in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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