Bisbee Pool League

Welcome to the Bisbee Pool League!

Our BPL encompasses primarily the Bisbee and Naco area. This is a Ladies and Gentleman’s Call Shot League.

We operate on both the BCA Rules and the BPL Charter Rules. Our teams consist of 7 players (2 women and 5 men). Teams play on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm.

The BPL season begins in early October and will end anywhere from March to May depending on how many teams play that season and how many times each team plays each other. Major Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are generally a BYE week for all teams.

Each of the team Captains and a Director handle the league business and make any league improvements from year-to-year.

At the end of each season we have four BPL sponsored tournaments (no cost to qualifying players). The four tournaments are: Men’s Only, Women’s Only, Blind Draw Doubles and a Mixed Doubles event.

The BPL also sponsors an End-of-Season party with a pool tournament and awards. Awards are typically given out for the Top 4 Teams, Top 10 Male players, Top 10 Female players, Most Improved Player for each team, Most Valuable Player for each team, 8-Ball Breaks, Table Runs and Perfect Attendance. Not to mention the occasional award given “Just Because…………”

Our primary goal is to have fun while improving our skills. You won’t find a better group of pool players, who are more dedicated to helping each other hone the details of this sport, anywhere in the country.

For more information, call Pitt at 520-234-5164……..