1. Hi Jim,
    It’s liza, question?
    I am on the Wedo’s pool team, and I thought we had 8 wins. But on the second chart you have we had 7 wins.???

    1. Hey Liza, Your team had 7 wins and that made it a tie. The tie breaker does not count for team wins or losses, it just determines the winning team as a tie breaker. Both teams will only show 7 wins for the week. So when you see the 8 in the Top section, that just says who won the tournament, but when it is recorded as wins for the team it will only show 7. Also, the players who play the tie breaker don’t get hit with a win or a loss for playing the tie breaker. The players who play the tie breaker do not get a change in their personal stats for winning or losing the tie breaker game. Call me if you have any further questions. Thankx……….Pitt…………520-234-5164

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