Gay 90’s Summer Run

This is to announce the 3rd Annual “Summer Run” Tournament being sponsored by

Leonel Urcadez and the Gay 90’s Bar.

th-8Many of us continue our Wednesday night pool schedule throughout the summer by playing in the Gay 90’s weekly tournament. Continuing last years format, Leonel has upped the ante and I think you will all find this exciting.

The Bar is putting up $650 of prize money that will be awarded to the top 4 players who acquire the most points after the “Summer Run” is over. This money is in addition to the weekly prize money paid in and paid out to the players each Wednesday. The weekly buy-in is $5 per player and all the player money is paid out that night to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

And don’t forget, Leonel pays for food every Wednesday night for the players.

“Summer Run” starts Wednesday night (5-31) and ends Wednesday (9-27). Points awarded each tournament as follows for the Top 4:SR Point Line

  • 1st Place          4 points
  • 2nd Place         3 points
  • th-3 copy 23rd Place         2 points
  • 4th Place         1 point

The player with the most points at the end of “Summer Run” will get
$300 for 1st, 2nd most points get $200, 3rd most points will receive $100
and 4th gets $50 cash.

A great opportunity to improve your game, maybe win some extra cash on a Wednesday night and possibly have a nice payday at the end of September.  Thank you Leonel for providing us with a Summer of billiards fun…

SR combo 2





Individual Standings